Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sarah K. {Lewiston, ID Clarkston, WA Senior Photography}

I had the immense pleasure of getting Sarah in front of my camera again.  It was so much fun this time (not that it wasn't fun last time) but there's something about having someone in front of your camera the second time- they are already used to the process and so much more comfortable. It felt like I was just hanging out with an old friend.
The coolest part was that the building we got to use for most of this session is a dream building for me. I've driven by it many times and thought "If only I could shoot in there..." knowing full well it would never happen because it was private property of Idaho Forest Group. Well, little Miss Sarah has connections, her family happens to own that building. SO, I didn't even know we were shooting at my dream building until we got there (she had just said her family owned an old building). Happy dance!
We had a lot of creative fun on this session. Enjoy!

I had a reeeaaally hard time deciding on a favorite from this session, but after much debate, I've decided this one is the frosting on the cake:
 photo image_-32_blog.jpg  photo image_-1_blog-2.jpg  photo image_-7_blog-3.jpg  photo image_-17_blog-1.jpg  photo image_-19_blog-3.jpg

This lane of trees on the property is beautiful, and Sarah told me (and I double checked to make sure I got this right) they were planted to honor employees and employee's close relatives who died while fighting in World War II. 
What a sight to see them all now, tall and full of life:
 photo image_-20_blog.jpg  photo image_-25_blog.jpg  photo image_-26_blog.jpg  photo image_-29_blog.jpg  photo image_-34_blog.jpg  photo image_-42_blog.jpg  photo image_-43_blog.jpg  photo image_-44_blog-1.jpg  photo image_-50_blog-1.jpg  photo image_-52_blog.jpg  photo image_-54_blog.jpg

These photos are copyright protected. Do not save, copy, or reproduce in any way. Stealing makes me sad.
~Ange Movius Photography~

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