Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beau & Holli {Lewiston, ID wedding photography}

Beau and Holli, you were a breath of fresh air to an otherwise quite stressful week. You made our jobs so much fun today, as I imagine you make life for everyone around you. Trav and I both commented how we really loved seeing how in love with each other you are. Thanks for such a great day, and for sharing it with us.

Black and white or color? I couldn't decide...

 photo image-39_blog.jpg  photo image-48_blog.jpg  photo image-24_blog.jpg  photo image-53_blog.jpg  photo image-63_blog.jpg  photo image-25_blog.jpg  photo image-68_blog.jpg  photo image-52_blog.jpg  photo image-67_blog.jpg  photo image-74_blog.jpg  photo image-85_blog.jpg  photo image-87_blog.jpg  photo image-231_blog.jpg  photo image-243_blog.jpg  photo image-257_blog.jpg  photo image-267_blog.jpg  photo image-300_blog.jpg  photo image-332_blog.jpg  photo image-361_blog.jpg  photo image-352_blog.jpg  photo image-392_blog.jpg  photo image-360_blog.jpg  photo image-358_blog.jpg  photo image-405_blog.jpg  photo image-559_blog.jpg  photo image-532_blog.jpg

These photos are copyright protected. Do not save, copy, or reproduce in any way. Stealing makes me sad.
~Ange Movius Photography~

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