Saturday, April 20, 2013

Maria {WSU senior portraits}

Maria is graduating from WSU next month and contacted me to do her college senior portraits. It was so fun to walk around the WSU campus and see all the gorgeous old buildings. Maria and good friend Jordyn were a blast to hang out with, and I had fun seeing the WSU campus through their eyes. What a great way to capture life on campus. I would love to go back up there again, so if anyone wants on campus portaits, I'm your girl.

This is the dorm that Maria & Jordyn lived in their freshman year.
 photo image_4__tn.jpg
 photo image_17__tn.jpg
Love this piece of art:
 photo image_13__tn.jpg

I want to live in this building. So it might be an office building, but I'm pretty sure I could make a sweet room in one of the towers:
 photo image_21__tn.jpg

I thought that Maria and Jordyn should ride this cougar. They thought it would be better to just make faces in front of it. Either way.
 photo image_8__tn.jpg

Maria told me that she had thought about bringing her lab coat and safety goggles to take pictures in front of the buildings that she spent so much time in, the bio and chem buildings. She is graduating with a bachelor's in Basic Medical Sciences with a minor in chemistry and is attending pharmacy school in the fall. I was totally bummed when she said she decided not to bring them because I might think she was a nerd. Luckily, her roommate came to the rescue and brought the coveted coat and glasses. Because I was seeing this shot in my head:
 photo image_25__tn.jpg

I think she makes a cute little chemist. She was afraid I would think she was nerdy. 
How could I ever think that? Um...ok she might not be helping her case here:
 photo image_24-11.jpg
 photo image_30__tn.jpg
 photo image_36__tn.jpg
 photo image_40__tn.jpg

Yeah, we had a Mary Tyler Moore moment.
 photo image__tn.jpg
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