Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jordan & Ai

I've known Jordan for years and had the pleasure of meeting his new wife, Ai this week. Jordan's been living in Japan for a while and he found himself an amazing wife over there. It was so fun hanging out with you guys tonight, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to get to know you better Ai (and of course spend a bit of time with you Jordan). 

Isn't she beautiful?
 photo image_4_tn-2.jpg  photo image_1_tn-9.jpg  photo image_12_tn-4.jpg  photo image_6_tn-5.jpg  photo image_13_tn-3.jpg  photo image_18_tn-4.jpg  photo image_21_tn-2.jpg  photo image_23_tn-6.jpg

This picture is something I've had mulling around in my head for over a month now.
It was so fun to turn it from an idea into the real thing.
 photo image_26_tn-6.jpg  photo image_31_tn-3.jpg  photo image_32_tn-5.jpg
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