Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cary & Sarah & kids

I had the opportunity to meet Cary & Sarah last night, we had a mini session at golden hour :)
 photo image_-2_tn.jpg  photo image_-4_tn.jpg  photo image_-6_tn.jpg  photo image_-7_tn.jpg  photo image_-9_tn.jpg  photo image_-13_tn.jpg  photo image_-16_tn.jpg  photo image_-18_tn.jpg  photo image_-19_tn.jpg  photo image_-20_tn.jpg  photo image_-22_tn.jpg  photo image_-24_tn.jpg

These photos are copyright protected. Do not save, copy, or reproduce in any way. Stealing makes me sad.
~Ange Movius Photography: Life is Beautiful~

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