Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sneak peek: today's wedding

We had a great time shooting Brock & Megan's wedding at the Banyans in Pullman today. Here's a little look at behind the scenes. Stick around for the wedding post coming soon!

 photo AM2_3007b_tn.jpg

Things you can learn from this montage:

1. If you become my client, I might get in your space bubble. I have a hard time posing people with just verbal directions. Thus the hands. Sorry! The years of teaching dance and swim lessons are hard habits to break.

2. I put some streaks of red in my hair for fun (well, my hairdresser did) a couple weeks ago. Not sure if it's some kind of "I'm getting older" crisis or if I was just bored of my hair. It was either that or chop it all off.

3. We got to shoot a DOG at this wedding! And he was so SWEET! I'm in love with Winston. AND Trav had to talk me out of getting a dog on the drive home from the wedding. Winston, you are very convincing.

4. No, we didn't play Limbo, although it appears that way from the bottom picture. I just like to do interpretive dance with scarves at weddings. I kid. I was actually just giving some directions, then trying to
jump out really quick. Hard not to get caught in all that pashmina. Also, that bottom picture is proof that I missed my calling as a contortionist.

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~Ange Movius Photography~


  1. Looks like you love your "job." I put "job" in quotes because anyone who has that much fun at what they do have a hard time calling it the traditional J-O-B. :)