Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Announcing the winner!

I heard about quite a few different families in the last few days of the One Deserving Family giveaway, and that made this decision really difficult. The family I chose, though, I am very excited about, and they were not only nominated by one person, but by two (and the other didn't know the first had). That really drove the point home how much they are affecting people around them.

This is what Cindy L. wrote about the winning family: 

"I just heard about your give-away and a very special family I know came to mind.  Even when they are battling physical pain and challenges the Lopezes give to others, open their home and encourage them. Prior to marrying Olivia, Emilio had a sledding accident that broke numerous bones in his body and still managed to have a positive attitude through a difficult recovery.  Olivia has overcome addictions and is constantly reaching out to hurting and struggling people.  She shares the joy that she has found in her relationship with God with everyone around her and never judges anyone.  She has an incredible empathy because of what she has gone through in her life.  They serve and give of themselves selflessly in their church and Celebrate Recovery (An addiction recovery ministry).  I have had the honor of teaching two of their daughters in Lapwai where they live.  Olivia regularly volunteers in her children's classrooms.  They took in her nephew and made him part of a loving family.  You may not know that Emilio and Olivia  just recently adopted A****.  He has really become secure and full of joy since being in their home. His mom has been in and out of his life (and jail).   Their five children are very blessed to have Emilio and Olivia as their parents! They are an inspirational family and it would be so amazing to see them get this gift!"

Another nomination for the Lopez family from Tanya C.:

"I have known this family for the last few years. Although we do not spend a lot of time together in person, I see Olivia’s Face book posts daily. For as long as she has had a Facebook, she has always shared the daily struggles that she faces, and yet she never leaves a negative remark. I can remember when they were in a car accident, and they lost their car. Olivia was still thanking God for their safety and boldly stated that He would provide their family with what they needed. She is constantly thanking God for all that she has. Olivia is always writing positive things about her children. She is happ to volunteer at Lapwai School. She writes about how much she loves her husband, and she writes about her love of other people’s children.
I know that Olivia has struggled with being sick in the past, and for health reasons she has not worked full time. Yet she never complains about finances, and has even taken family members into her home to care for them. I am always encouraged by the hope and the joy that is demonstrated in this family. They are over comers, they are believers and they are living a life that speaks of the trust they have in God. I feel that this family would be more than blessed to receive the gift of a professional family portrait."

Congratulations Lopez family! You are obviously a blessing to those around you. You truly embody the spirit of Christmas.

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~Ange Movius Photography Lewiston - Clarkston Photographer

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  1. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. I am in awe of the Great God we serve, how He loves us, and the generosity in your heart. Blessings!