Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ryan & Sharon {Greencreek, ID Wedding}

Today was beautiful, was it not? At least it was in our corner of the world :) What a wonderful day to spend with Ryan & Sharon on their big wedding day. Despite the horses that tried to eat my camera bag, taking portraits on Sharon's parents farm was wonderful. (They even have their own rusty bus! I love vintage vehicles!). Followed by a ceremony in Greencreek at St. Anthony's church and a reception featuring candies from the candy factory down in California that Sharon works at, it was a great day. Congrats to the two of you! Hope you enjoy my favorites from the day:
 photo image_-1_blog.jpg  photo image_-2_blog.jpg  photo image_-6_blog.jpg  photo image_-16_blog.jpg  photo image_-20_blog.jpg  photo image_-25_blog.jpg  photo image_-28_blog.jpg  photo image_-32_blog.jpg  photo image_-36_blog.jpg  photo image_-39_blog.jpg  photo image_-42_blog.jpg  photo image_-47_blog.jpg  photo image_-57_blog.jpg  photo image_-61_blog.jpg  photo image_-71_blog.jpg  photo image_-76_blog.jpg  photo image_-111_blog.jpg  photo image_-114_blog.jpg  photo image_-193_blog.jpg  photo image_-272_blog.jpg  photo image_-288_blog.jpg  photo image_-374_blog.jpg  photo image_-311_blog.jpg

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~Ange Movius Photography: Life is Beautiful~

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