Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dustin & Jordan {Red Barn Farms Wedding Colton, WA}

Another beautiful day up at Red Barn Farms! The weather was nice, the sky was blue, the bride was gorgeous, what more could you ask for of a wedding? Congrats to Dustin & Jordan on your marriage! 
Without further ado, here's the big event!

My absolute favorite shot from the day:  photo image-459_wb_tn.jpg 

First seeing each other moment:

 photo image-10_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-11_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-52_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-35_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-33_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-53_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-61_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-62_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-81_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-64_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-66_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-68_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-167_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-169_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-466_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-83_wb_tn.jpg

 photo image-197_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-260_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-270_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-292_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-302_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-352_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-355_wb_tn.jpg
 photo image-178_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-388_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-610_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-440_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-611_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-537_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-540_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-564_wb_tn.jpg  photo image-461_wb_tn.jpg

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~Ange Movius Photography~

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