Thursday, October 2, 2014

Allie P. {Lewiston, ID Senior Portraits}

I had the pleasure of shooting Allie's mom's wedding last year, so when Allie contacted me to do her senior pictures, I was super excited. There is no higher compliment than return clients. I told Allie that her mom was my junior high math teacher when I was in (7th?) grade, and I remember her Winnie-the-pooh maternity dress she wore and stories she told us about going to Baskin Robbins and feeling like people thought she ate too much ice-cream already but really she was yeah, in that pooh dress was Allie :) Allie scheduled her senior portraits for right after she got her braces off, and man what a smile! She has the kind of smile that goes from ear to ear and all the way up into those sparkly eyes. She brought along her friend Emma, and well, these two had me laughing all night:
 photo image_-68_blog.jpg

Actually this was the last shot of the night, so let's get back to the beginning, enjoy my favorites from this evening!:

 photo image_-5_blog.jpg  photo image_-10_blog.jpg  photo image_-12_blog.jpg  photo image_-18_blog.jpg  photo image_-19_blog.jpg  photo image_-23_blog.jpg  photo image_-31_blog.jpg  photo image_-35_blog.jpg  photo image_-36_blog.jpg  photo image_-43_blog.jpg  photo image_-48_blog.jpg  photo image_-51_blog.jpg  photo image_-56_blog.jpg  photo image_-65_blog.jpg  photo image_-62_blog.jpg  photo image_-66_blog.jpg These photos are copyright protected. Do not save, copy, or reproduce in any way. Stealing makes me sad.
~Ange Movius Photography: Life is Beautiful~

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