Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kasi & Damian {Clarkston, WA wedding}

Kasi and  Damian were married in an outdoor wedding yesterday along the gorgeous Snake River.  Luckily the weather held out for us and we had some beautiful deep greens from the rain earlier that day. The festivities finished up at the Clarkston Event Center. It was fun watching these two together, Damian over a foot taller than Kasi did pose a bit of a challenge for pictures, but we like challenges. :) And by the way you two, I love the Asian themed reception- Asian food, chopsticks, that was pretty awesome.

   photo image_96-1.jpg  photo image_95-1.jpg  photo image_94.jpg  photo image_88-2.jpg  photo image_75-1.jpg  photo image_74-2.jpg  photo image_57-3.jpg  photo image_4-19.jpg  photo image_2-15.jpg  photo image_30-6.jpg  photo image_15-6.jpg  photo image_113-1.jpg  photo image_125-1.jpg  photo image_172.jpg  photo image_140.jpg  photo image_195.jpg 

I loved the fans:  photo AM2_2502.jpg  photo image_267-1.jpg  photo image_266.jpg  photo image_261.jpg  photo image_350.jpg  photo image_343bw.jpg

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