Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My family

I have these clients that are the most difficult clients to work with. They keep coming back every year and always want family portraits in the fall. I keep trying to bum them off on another photographer, but they aren't having it. Yep, you got it- it was time to shoot my family portraits. As any photographer can tell you, there is no job worse than being the parent, model, and photographer all at the same time. Luckily, my friend Jacque came to push the shutter button once I got it all set up and to get the kids to smile at her. SOOOOO much easier than trying to do it with a timer.

They turned out pretty good this year- I feel like my family portraits are never as good as the pictures I take of other people's families, but I'm happy with them.
My son fell while climbing (which he does all the time) and jammed his front tooth up into his gum. He looked like he was an extra on the Grinch movie with his Whoville lip, but luckily the swelling has gone down and now he just looks like a 6 year old with his first tooth out. The dentist is hoping it will fall back down in place, but since he keeps trying to "fly" face first off of things, I'm not crossing my fingers. Photobucket

This happens a lot at our house. We end up just watching the little guy: Photobucket

This about sums up our day-to-day life right here: Photobucket

Here I am in full mom/photographer mode. My son had a 10 second melt down and then quickly pulled himself together after this. My daughters were SOOOO good at this session. I bribed them which I highly recommend if you are planning family portraits. There's not much they won't do for a movie, popcorn, and some homemade limeade. Photobucket

I might be biased, but these faces are pretty cute: Photobucket

My baby isn't such a baby anymore.... Photobucket

My handsome boys: 

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