Sunday, August 28, 2016

Jed & Rebecca {Walla Walla, WA Wedding Photography}

    I've known Jed for years, and when he moved to Walla Walla and ended up meeting and falling in love with Rebecca, I was so happy for him. But now that I've got to spend a whole day with Rebecca, I have to say, I'm over moon for the both of them. From what I can see, to know Rebecca is to love her. What an incredible girl, Jed! And I already know that Jed is an amazing guy, so I'm super excited to see the future you two have together and (someday) the incredible kids I know you'll raise.
    So a little story on yesterday's wedding- right in the middle of portraits, a couple hours before the ceremony, we received word that there was a large fire near to us and the fire marshall had blocked off the main road to get to the church (it's off of a highway, in a middle of a bunch of fields- the sky turned pretty hazy with all the smoke). We also heard they were talking of evacuating, so Jed & Rebecca, in the middle of the craziness that a wedding day is, also got thrown the idea that their whole wedding may need to be relocated on the fly.
     Luckily, they have a really amazing church family and group of friends and family, and all hands pitched in to move their outdoor wedding and reception to inside the church (which ended up being a bit of a crunch because of the amount of attendees, but at the end of the day, it worked!) Jed & Rebecca handled it like champs and I think it was just the beginning of how we'll see them handle stress together as a couple. Hand in hand, praying and asking God for peace, and then getting to it.
Love these guys.
     Hope you enjoy my favorites from yesterday:

First seeing each other moment:  photo image_-15_blog.jpg  photo image_-6_blog.jpg  photo image_-11_blog.jpg  photo image_-30_blog.jpg  photo image_-33_blog.jpg  photo image_-34_blog.jpg  photo image_-36_blog.jpg  photo image_-37_blog.jpg  photo image_-39_blog.jpg  photo image_-44_blog.jpg  photo image_-48_blog.jpg  photo image_-49_blog.jpg  photo image_-50_blog.jpg  photo image_-51_blog.jpg  photo image_-53_blog.jpg  photo image_-55_blog.jpg  photo image_-56_blog.jpg  photo image_-64_blog.jpg  photo image_-145_blog.jpg  photo image_-155_blog.jpg  photo image_-158_blog.jpg  photo image_-168_blog.jpg  photo image_-196_blog.jpg  photo image_reception-38_blog.jpg  photo image_reception-53_blog.jpg  photo image_reception-98_blog.jpg  photo image_reception-114_blog.jpg

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~Ange Movius Photography: Life is Beautiful~

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