Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monte & Elizabeth's Wedding {Lewiston, ID Wedding Photography}

There are some couples that I get the pleasure of shooting that are just SO HAPPY. Monte & Elizabeth are one of those couples. The ones who are all smiles and laughs their wedding day, who are deliriously happy to be together, who are clearly more than in love, they are best friends. These are the kind of couples that I never wonder "Will they make it?" I know any couple can fail. It can happen to anyone. But couples like these, they have the best chance. You can tell they are best friends and they just love, more than anything, to be together, and to be with their family.
Trav and I walked into Elizabeth's family home this morning, to the smells of a giant breakfast cooking for the whole family (she has 4 siblings, who were all there, as well as her parents and a few other loved ones). Sounds of La Boheme were being belted out and the sisters were singing tunes together in the bathroom while they curled their hair and laughed at each other's jokes.
Monte & Elizabeth, I'm over the moon that you've found your soul mates, and I think that your close knit family is just the cherry on top. All the best to you. When you have arguments and moments when you aren't feeling quite so in love, I hope you open up your wedding book, look at the way you were so happy to be together on your wedding day, and work back to that love you first had.
I hope you enjoy these favorites from your special day today:

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~Ange Movius Photography: Life is Beautiful~

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