Saturday, January 26, 2013

A & the boys

Ever since I had a boy (two years ago for those who are counting), I discovered that boy children are SO VERY different than girl children. They are full of more energy than they know what to do with, so they exert it by jumping everywhere, making constant sound effects, and trying to get dirty as quickly as possible.  Ok, maybe not ALL boys are that way, but most of them are. And they are adorable in their own loud, energetic, crazy way. I have a whole new appreciation for boys!

These boys definitely fit the profile and I had fun shooting this mini session:
 photo image_7-3_zpse2ebfbac.jpg 

Two really handsome little boys. Look at this little guy's blue eyes! The girls will be after him when he's older.  photo image_13-9_zps11cc7250.jpg His mama has pretty amazing eyes herself:  photo image_8-14_zps9e8db826.jpg
 photo image_3-17_zpscfdd77c5.jpg

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